Kate Bradley

Youth Pastor


Patricia Brown

Patricia is a faithful member and servant of our fellowship. She is so much more than our church secretary, but proves daily through her devotion and care that she has a heart for our church and our congregation.

Brenda and Johnny

Custodial Staff

Brenda and Johnny are deeply in love with our congregation and fellow believers. They are faithful servants who constantly care for the facility that we enjoy.

Mary French


Mary is our church organist.  LBC is blessed to have such a talented musician to help lead in worship every Sunday. 

Daniel Selman​

Daniel has a desire to see our neighborhood and the world come to know the grace we have found in Christ.  Everything we do here at Lillington Baptist leads toward one single name…JESUS.

Bill and Kathy Sutter

Bill and Kathy are worship leaders at our church.  Their desire is to help enable the church to not only gather for worship but also to be sent to live lives of worship so that all may come to know and worship Jesus Christ. 

Shirley Shelburne


Shirley has the heart of a lead worshiper. She is faithful to the art of worship because of her genuine heart that deeply loves her Savior and our church.