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We enjoy a rich tradition of partnering with Samaritan's Purse. All through the year, we gather material for each shoebox. We annually travel to a distribution sight to gather and organize nationally collected shoeboxes that take the Gospel to children all over the world.

Monthly Collections Essentials

February: washcloths

March: small stuffed animals

April: soap boxes & soap (Ivory recommended)

May: toothbrushes & covers (for brush portion)

June: (older children) - composition books or 3-prong folders with notebook paper;  (younger children) - simple coloring books/plain white paper

July: pencils & covered pencil sharpeners

August: (for ages 2-9) - 24 ct. crayons; (for ages 10-14) - colored pencils

September: combs & brushes

Packing a Shoebox

Set a goal for the number of boxes to pack & plan accordingly

  • shop for WOW items and fillers for your boxes (keep at home)

  • participate in monthly collection of essentials (take to church)

  • encourage others to get involved

  • bring your WOW gifts & fillers to the party to pack your boxes

For more information see Susan Worrell or Cindy McPhail

God blessed us in 2022 with the ability to pack 850 shoeboxes and for that we are thankful. We should continue to pray for the recipients of each box from our church. All shoeboxes are not distributed by Christmas; it may be months before all the boxes processed in 2022 are distributed. 


Where Did Our Shoeboxes Go? All over the world. Pray that lives will be changed after hearing the Gospel Story and then receiving a shoebox. Pray that entire families and communities will be led to knowing and accepting Jesus as their Lord and Savior. 


What Now? It is never too early to begin thinking about shoeboxes. Some began shopping for 2023 before the shoeboxes for 2022 were even processed/shipped. Hopefully, during the holidays, thoughts were about the WOW items for each shoebox. January’s shoebox emphasis will be on the WOW items for 2023. Each shoebox should contain a WOW gift. This is the item a child will grab first, hang onto, and use or play with over and over. Make sure to have a WOW item for every shoebox you pack. You will bring these to the packing party for your shoeboxes.

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